Tapovan Project

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    Architectural Marvels at Vaikuntam

    Vaikuntam, the visionary project by Aranyakaa Farms, stands as an architectural masterpiece that
    seamlessly blends modern luxury with seameless spiritual concepts. The design philosophy of Vaikuntam
    draws inspiration from the celestial abode of Vaikuntha, infusing each architectural element with a
    divine touch. The seven doors of Vaikuntam, symbolic of the seven chakras, welcome residents into a
    space where physical and spiritual dimensions converge.


    Natural Beauty and Divine Splendor

    Vaikuntam, a visionary project by Aranyakaa Farms, unfolds as a premium 55-acre farmland endeavor nestled in the serene locale of Binnamangala. The very name Vaikuntam draws inspiration from the sacred realm of Vaikuntha, the heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu and his divine consort, Maa Lakshmi. This project seeks to embody the essence of tranquility and abundance, mirroring the spiritual concepts found in ancient scriptures like Bhagwat Puran, Narayan Upnishad, and Tiruvaymoli.


    Incorporation of Spiritual Concepts

    The Vaikuntam Clubhouse

    Indoor games
    Snooker pool
    Children play area
    Barbeque and bonfire pit
    Water body
    Guest Stay
    EV Charging Station
    Outdoor Party Hall
    Smart Farm Monitoring