Farm in Your Palm

Designed and developed to bring farming into the 21st century, our proprietary Smart Farming application brings your farm to your fingertips.

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Smart farming

The Aranyakaa Farms Smart Farming application is a future-foreward proprietary technology created to make managing farms fun and easy.

Our cloud connected mobile apps are available on both Android and iOS app markets, and are filled with smart features that allow you to track activities and quality at your farm.

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Track & Monitor your farm

Each farmplot is equipped with CCTV cameras that are connected to your mobile application. Simply open the app and view a live feed of your farm, wherever you are!

The farm soil is also plugged with a Smart device for soil monitoring. This IoT device keeps track of soil quality, temperature, humidity and nutrient content to help you ensure you get the best yield from your farm.

Trees on your farm are embedded with QR codes that can be scanned to show you the growth timeline of each tree.

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Connect with the community

Interacting with other farm community members at your farmland community has never been easier!

This one-of-a-kind social experience allows you to share your amazing farm moments with community members. Write posts, share photos and videos, and even like, comment and share moments from others in the community.

Plan exchanges, trades, and even visits to other farms to learn how your neighbours and community members are optimising and maximising their farm life!