Luxury meets Leisure

Every farmland community project at Aranyakaa is equipped with luxury hospitality infrastructure and amenities, making sure each and every celebration for our clients is a memorable one.

Dining @ Aranyakaa

Every farmland community project is provided with a cafetaria that serves locally sourced teas and coffee, freshly baked savoury snacks and select confectionaries. The caf├ęs are equipped with wifi for the digital nomads to find a quiet spot to work, and are managed and maintained by reputed luxury F&B operators from the region.

Additionally, every community also boasts a fine dining restaurant for special celebrations and fancy dinners. The restaurants serve local fare as well as global cuisines, crafted by renowned chefs from the country.

Every vegetable served at our restaurant will either be locally sourced or home grown in our community farms hereby enabling job creation.

In-home dining service is also provided to all home-owners.

Leisure @ Aranyakaa

No community is complete without a clubhouse where residents and visitors can interact, network and rub shoulders in their leisure time. At Aranyakaa Farms, we ensure to develop a clubhouse with cutting edge facilities for sporting activities, business meetings, and fitness routines.

Depending on the landscape of each project, the clubhouse is designed to resonate the theme and vibe of the environment. Sports infrstructure is contracted to experienced and reputed service providers, and the operations are handled by industry experts.

Meeting rooms, board rooms, and co-working spaces are all included in every clubhouse to ensure that work never has to come to a stand still.

Holiday @ Aranyakaa

Guests at any of our farmland communities are treated to the best-in-class luxury accomodation. Every project hosts a farmstay resort with rooms designed to put you in the lap of luxury.

Managed and operated by some of the top luxury hospitality companies, every resort gives you a uniquely memorable experience.