Tapovan Project

A managed farmland project by



    Nature's Heritage

    Vanodhara is one such destination which brings such a soul-fueling experience !
    Located at the foothills of Bannerghatta Forest, with a scenic Harohalli- Anekal Road drive. This slice of the jungle is spread across 42 acres amidst eco sensitive zone. Vanodhara is not just about farming, it is about investing in an environment with a visual treat for the magnificent scenic view, the bio diversity forest allows one to witness the unique fauna with a mindful choice of productive landscape & auspicious trees, the panch tatva trees (Gular, Palas, Pakar, Peepal & Avla).

    The project is designed with utmost care towards Mother Nature, like they say ‘god lies in the details’ .. we have taken this to our heart; hence Vanodhara is designed to be truly eco sensitive farms.