Tapovan Project

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    Estate Escape Embrace

    Where blue birds soar, dreams take flight, Amongst green trees and roses bright, Skies of blue, clouds of white, Day and night, a wondrous sight, Friends shake hands, love shines through, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ awaits, it’s true.

    Someday wish upon a star Wake up where the clouds are far behind me. Where trouble melts like lemon drops. High above the chimney top.


    Birthplace of Indian Coffee

    Chikkamagaluru’s reputation as the “CoffeeLand of Karnataka” stems from its rich coffeecultivation heritage. In 2017-2018, Chikkamagaluru produced 35,900 metrictonnes of Arabica coffee and 48,110 tonnes ofRobusta coffee. By owning estate in thiscoffee-rich environment, you gain access to apotentially lucrative income stream throughcoffee cultivation. The demand for Indiancoffee, both domestically and internationally,provides a stable market for your produce.


    Holiday Home in Chikkamagaluru

    Nestled in the heart of Karnataka,Chikkamagaluru, known as the “landof coffee,” is a picturesque hillstation that offers a serene retreatfrom the hustle and bustle of city life.


    Where Whispers of Nature Beckon

    130 acres of the restorative estate

    Kids play area
    CCTV security
    Lake Boulevard
    Yoga & meditation zones
    Picnic & barbecue spots
    Estate maintenance & management
    Nature Trails
    High returns from land appreciation
    On-site temple