Tapovan Project

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    Welcome to the Nature’s Splendour

    Sandwiched between forest and waterways, Mayurvan boasts of every imaginable natural beauty. The supremely fertile soil at Mayurvan covers 75 acres of land where fields are flush with peacocks, and hills and forests dance and sing along the periphery – Making this a dreamland for city dwellers to escape, relax, and enjoy the simplicity of farmland living.


    Where fields shimmer and trees sway

    Situated just off the upcoming Bengaluru – Mysore expressway, Mayruvan basks in the sunkissed outskirts of Mandya – 110 Kms from Bengaluru.
    The exclusive farmland community reconnects the urban world with nature, boasting jungle trails, canals, several parks catering to people of all ages, and the crowning glory – peacocks galore!

    The ideal paradise to relax and refresh your heart, mind and soul, and witness the dance of nature.

    Experience the peaceful farm life

    Mayurvan’s fertile soil is conducive for growing coconut trees, as well as a wide array of agricultural perennial crops. Every property is supported with soil testing, agriculturalists on call, maintenance and management of farming practices and produce that you can consume, barter with neighbours, or even put on sale.

    Mayurvan also offers the option to have your very own micro-greenhouse where you can grow a variety of fruits and vegetables for consumption and trade!


    Your holiday home awaits

    Mayurvan will host 156+ farm plots, starting from 10,000 sq. ft. area, each with their very own farm and ranch style boundary fencing. Our team of architects and designers will provide optional designs for your Farm House and also help you develop it with construction at a nominal cost.

    Every plot will have ranch style fencing and will be equipped with security and utilities.

    In addition, every plot has the option to go off-grid with solar panels for power and micro-greenhouse to grow your own fruits and vegetables for daily consumption.


    The Mayurvan Clubhouse

    Luxury resort with guest rooms
    Fine dining restaurant
    Indoor conference hall
    Outdoor party hall
    Co-working space
    Meeting rooms & board rooms

    Explore the Outdoors

    Miyawaki Forest
    Forest Trails
    Waterfront Boulevard
    Wishing Pond

    Infrastructure & Services

    Electricity & water supply
    Drip irrigation
    Farm & project CCTV security
    Picket fenced plot boundaries
    Smart farm Agri Technology
    Customised fruit & timber plantation
    Home maintenance & management
    Farm maintenance & management
    Rental management & hospitality
    Farmhouse design & construction
    Farm to home delivery of produce