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We are very pleased and immensely happy to take farm land in Vrindavan. We thank Vrindavan team for all their support throughout the journey till registration so far and beyond. I am also grateful for all the help extended to us, always ready to clarify our doubts and apprehensions, always ready to answer our calls. I am especially thankful to Mrs. Punjika for all the help extended to us. We are also grateful to Mr. Pawan Kumar Tripathi and Mr. Ravi Kant for their understanding and their help in fulfilling our dream. Based on my experience, I will highly recommend them for their upcoming project Tapovan, and best of luck for all future projects.

- Ramesh, Plot No. 38 A, Vrindavan

I booked a farm plot in Aranyakaa Vrindavan in 2021 November. I was not sure if I should make an investment considering there was hardly anything developed during that time. But I could see the intent during my discussions with the management. I was pleasantly surprised to see the progress when I visited the farm after three months and I do not regret on my choice now. It is shaping up to be a lovely farm.

Plantation process was also a good learning for me with lot of inputs and assistance coming from the agriculture expert. Staffs and management are always one phone call away and very cooperative for any requests. All in all, having a wonderful time with Aranyakaa farms.

- Manjit Hota, Plot 25, Vrindavan

Connecting to nature and that too on a own farm land is the ideal lifestyle change anyone living in concrete jungle would admire to have. we always had this desire to have a investment which is nature friendly and allows us to have a recreation home away from the city. We were on our search and came across Vrindavan (Aranyakaa) and must say the first look itself indicated us this is it. To add to the charm the management team at Aranyakaa made our journey fruitful and huddle free. Love the passion they carry and ensuring customers are given utmost care. We are glad we have a second home a enchanting nature cover. Supported by a great team at Aranyaka. All the best for your future projects.

- Nishant Nair, Plot No. 32, Vrindavan

Always admire the passion and commitment you guys carry towards your work and the customers. Being first few buyers at Vrindavan projects, Initially I wondered if I’m risking my money but as my interaction progressed, I found how much you guys care about your customers.

Amazing team which provides the timely information related to legal documents, plantation, projects progress, etc.

Good part is you guys treat your customers as part of family, and that develops the trust, which is not easy to earn. I can say proudly that I made right decision to be part of Aranyaka family.

- Ravi Saxena, Vrindavan